Mama Rachel Ruto hosts Muslim women for Iftar

First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto on Saturday hosted Muslim women at State House in Nairobi for Iftar, the fast-breaking evening meal during Ramadan.

Mama Rachel Ruto acknowledged the significant role Muslim women play during the fasting period as pillars of their families and communities. She celebrated their role as a critical pillar in the family and highlighted their central role in breaking the fast and hosting Iftar, which brings families together.

The First Lady also emphasised the importance of women in preserving the sanctity of family and their role as protectors. She encouraged mothers to fight for their families, especially in modern times.

In addition, the Mama Rachel Ruto urged the women to be living examples of their faith and to act as agents of social change within their families and communities. She encouraged them to be role models for their children and grandchildren.

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