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Mama Rachel Ruto receives 100 sewing machines to empower women

First Lady, Mama Rachel Ruto, on Thursday received a donation of 100 sewing machines from I Love Africa, a non-governmental organisation that focuses on the economic empowerment of women in Africa. 

The donation of the sewing machines is a great contribution to the Women Economic Empowerment pillar, one of the First Lady’s three pillars of the Mama Doing Good organisation, the others being Environment & Climate Action and Faith Diplomacy.

The First Lady appreciated I Love Africa team for their generous donation and affirmed her commitment to economically empower women in Kenya.

“I thank I Love Africa for their generous donation of sewing machines to empower women in Kenya,” said Mama Rachel Ruto, adding, “This donation will help women join the ‘Bottom-Up’ transformation agenda, right in their villages or urban informal settlements.”

The First Lady said women have a significant impact when given opportunities and the right tools to engage in livelihood projects.

“The provision of tools of trade and opportunities for women to engage in sustainable livelihood projects is key to the advancement of the nation’s transformative agenda. It provides an enabling environment for inclusive economic growth and the engagement of women as economic transformation agents,” Mama Rachel Ruto said.

The CEO of Mama Doing Good organisation Dr. John Chumo appreciated the donation from I Love Africa organisation, noting that the sewing machines will help in the transformation agenda.

“We are grateful as Mama Doing Good organisation. This donation goes a long way in helping transform the live of the beneficiaries and their families through economic empowerment. With the support of friends like I Love Africa, we can move this country forward,” Dr. Chumo said.

The sewing machines will be distributed by Mama Doing Good to beneficiaries across Kenya.