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Mama Rachel Ruto Extends Relief to Flood-Affected Families in Machakos County

In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity and support, First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto on Tuesday visited families grappling with the aftermath of devastating floods in Athi River, Mavoko Constituency, Machakos County.

Mama Rachel Ruto extended a helping hand, donating essential foodstuffs and personal items to alleviate the hardships faced by affected families. Expressing deep empathy for those who have tragically lost loved ones, Mama Rachel Ruto also conveyed her gratitude for the concerted efforts that have been made to aid over 15,000 Kenyans affected by the floods across Machakos County.

In her address, Mama Rachel Ruto reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to stand by all Kenyans impacted by floods in various regions of the country. She assured the assembled families that relief efforts would continue to be bolstered, leaving no one behind in their time of need.

Furthermore, underscoring the imperative of enhancing food security at the household level, Mama Rachel Ruto pledged to collaborate with local leaders in empowering women economically. Through targeted initiatives, women will be supported in cultivating food for their families, contributing to both their sustenance and broader community resilience.

The First Lady’s visit was marked by the presence of other leaders including H.E. Wavinya Ndeti, Governor of Machakos County, and Hon. Patrick Makau, Member of Parliament for Mavoko Constituency. Also in attendance were local leaders, clergy members, and officials from the County Government, reflecting a unified front in the face of adversity and a shared commitment to alleviating the suffering of those affected.

In these challenging times, Mama Rachel Ruto’s visit stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity, serving as a reminder of the collective strength and resilience of the Kenyan people in overcoming adversity. As the nation rallies together to support and uplift the most vulnerable among us, her actions inspire a renewed sense of unity and compassion, guiding the way forward towards recovery and renewal.

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