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MaMa Doing Good partners with KWTA on tree planting project

MaMa Doing Good is proud to announce an ambitious new partnership with the Kenya Water Towers Agency (KWTA) to plant over 3 million indigenous trees across the country over the next 5 years.

The two organisations today formalised their collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The agreement brings together the expertise and resources of both groups to work towards the restoration of degraded water towers and riparian areas.

“This partnership allows us to make great strides in supporting critical environmental conservation efforts,” said Dr John Chumo, CEO of MaMa Doing Good. “Together with KWTA, we can empower local communities and help restore these vital ecosystems.”

The project will work closely with community groups located near the targeted reforestation sites. These groups will help to grow native tree seedlings, which will then be used in KWTA-led rehabilitation efforts.

KWTA will provide 3 million tree pots and technical guidance upfront, while MaMa Doing Good will manage local relationships and oversee progress reporting. Both partners are committed to involving local stakeholders and ensuring transparency.

“By combining our capabilities, we will bring significant resources to bear on this pressing challenge,” said Prof Julius Tanui, PhD, CEO of KWTA. “This partnership puts us on track to make meaningful contributions to national tree planting and sustainability goals.”

The MOU was signed at the MaMa Doing Good Office in Nairobi.

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