You are currently viewing Embassy of Israel in Kenya partners with MaMa Doing Good to establish Zion Gardens in Machakos County

Embassy of Israel in Kenya partners with MaMa Doing Good to establish Zion Gardens in Machakos County

In a significant step towards environmental conservation and sustainable development, the Embassy of Israel in Kenya has partnered with Mama Doing Good to establish “Zion Gardens” in Machakos County.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Mama Doing Good CEO, Dr John Chumo, and Israel’s Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Lotem, underscores the deep friendship between Kenya and Israel and demonstrates the Embassy of Israel’s generous support for this noble cause.

Covering an area of 15 hectares, the ‘Zion Forest’ will include 5,000 indigenous trees that symbolise hope, sustainability and resilience. This initiative plays a pivotal role in the restoration and conservation of the environment in Machakos County.

The project aims to enhance biodiversity, build climate resilience and promote socially and environmentally responsible business and investment.

Through these efforts, the partnership aims to promote environmental sustainability, reduce poverty and stimulate economic development.

Crucially, this collaboration aligns with the President’s National Tree-Growing Restoration Campaign, which was launched in December 2022. The campaign is a visionary step towards a greener and more sustainable future for Kenya.

As part of this initiative, the First Lady has committed to planting 500 million trees. The creation of the Zion Forest is a significant step towards achieving this ambitious goal.

Inspired by Israel’s remarkable success in environmental restoration, particularly the famous Yatir Forest planted in the challenging Negev desert in the 1960s, the Zion Gardens project embodies the transformative power of reforestation.

It is a testament to the potential of sustainable practices, community engagement and adaptability in rejuvenating ecosystems. Beyond the environmental benefits, this endeavour promises valuable economic and social benefits for the local communities involved.

This partnership exemplifies the power that international collaboration can bring to conservation and sustainable development efforts.

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