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Mama Rachel Ruto urges women to form groups to access government funds for economic empowerment

First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto, during a Women Economic Empowerment meeting on Friday in Mikindani, Mombasa County, emphasised the importance of women organising themselves into groups to benefit from various government funds and financial inclusion initiatives like table banking.

Addressing women from Jomvu, Mvita, Likoni, and Changamwe constituencies, the First Lady encouraged them to seize the opportunities provided by the government. She highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting women’s economic ventures, announcing a significant allocation of Ksh 946 Million through the Women Enterprise Fund.

Accessing these funds has been made more accessible through digital platforms, eliminating previous hurdles faced by women during manual application processes and intermediaries. Women can now apply conveniently through *254#.

Hon. Aisha Juma, Cabinet Secretary for Gender, Culture, and the Arts, who attended the meeting, elaborated on the digital accessibility of the Women Enterprise Fund, ensuring streamlined access to financial resources for women entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Hon. Zamzam Mohammed, the County Member of Parliament for Mombasa County, urged the President to consider increasing the allocation to the National Government Affirmative Fund. This increase would accommodate the growing demand among women’s groups, allowing more women to benefit from these economic support systems.

Mama Rachel Ruto also called upon women representatives to champion a national kitchen garden program in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. This initiative aims to supplement the dietary needs of families, promoting self-sustainability and nutrition within communities.

The First Lady’s call for women’s economic empowerment resonates with the government’s commitment to fostering financial inclusion, promoting entrepreneurship, and enhancing the overall economic landscape for women across the nation.

Through these efforts, women are empowered to become self-reliant contributors to the nation’s economic growth.

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