You are currently viewing MaMa Doing Good partners with Rotary District 9212 on WaSH initiatives in Kenya

MaMa Doing Good partners with Rotary District 9212 on WaSH initiatives in Kenya

MaMa Doing Good and Rotary International District 9212 have joined forces to improve access to quality of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) in schools and communities across Kenya.

The two organisations signed a partnership and collaboration agreement on Wednesday to implement various WaSH initiatives under the Adopt-A-School Integrated Project.

The project aims to provide safe water, adequate sanitation, hygiene education, environmental conservation and disability inclusion to children in marginalised regions.

The partnership covers four key thematic areas: development and implementation of activities for children with disabilities; promotion of environmental education and awareness; joint response to common national, regional and international issues related to water resources and sanitation; and joint resource mobilisation.

Cooperation is expected to last for a minimum of five years, with the possibility of extension based on need and mutual agreement.

The projects are expected to strengthen efforts to realise the constitutional right of every person in Kenya to clean and safe water in sufficient quantity and adequate sanitation.

According to UNICEF, approximately 59% of Kenya’s population has access to safe drinking water, while 29% have access to improved sanitation.

However, challenges remain, with 9.9 million people drinking directly from contaminated surface water sources and an estimated five million practicing open defecation. Only 25% have a handwashing facility with soap and water at home. Global evidence shows that improved WaSH could prevent the deaths of 297,000 children under the age of five each year.

Rotary International District 9212 includes Rotary clubs in Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and South Sudan. The district has been actively involved in several WaSH projects, including drilling boreholes, installing rainwater harvesting systems, constructing latrines and hand-washing stations, and distributing hygiene kits.

Rotary’s partnership with MaMa Doing Good is expected to positively impact the lives of thousands of children and communities in Kenya by providing clean water, improved sanitation, hygiene awareness, and environmental stewardship.

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