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First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto Leads Peace Accord Signing in Marigat

In a significant effort to end banditry and restore peace in the six troubled counties of the Rift Valley region, First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto took the lead in facilitating a peace accord signing ceremony on Saturday.

The event, held as part of the Faith in Action Week in Marigat, brought together religious and political leaders who have joined forces to promote reconciliation and harmony among their communities.

Highlighting the long suffering of the people of the Kerio Valley region, the First Lady urged all leaders to work tirelessly for peace.

“We know that women and children bear the brunt of the turmoil and it is our collective responsibility to come together and seek lasting solutions. Let us join hands and pool our determination and resources to create a future where their well-being and safety are guaranteed,” said Mama Rachel Ruto.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, religious and political leaders present used the occasion to ask for forgiveness on behalf of their respective communities.

The meeting, convened under the auspices of MaMa Doing Good’s Faith Diplomacy wing, aims to promote unity and reconciliation among the region’s diverse communities. The message echoed throughout the service, emphasising the urgent need for political leaders to set aside their differences and work together to achieve stability and security for their people.

The peace initiative received resounding support from local and national leaders, who pledged to stand united in the pursuit of peace throughout the region.

As a symbolic gesture of reconciliation, religious leaders led the participants in a ceremony in which they washed each other’s feet and exchanged cows and honey as a sign of unity and peaceful coexistence. The event concluded with a shared sacrament, a powerful symbol of solidarity and peace.

The signing of the peace agreement, led by First Lady Rachel Ruto, marks a crucial step towards restoring stability and harmony in the Rift Valley region. With the support and commitment of political and religious leaders, the people of these six counties can look forward to a future of peace, security and shared prosperity.

Among the leaders present were Governor Benjamin Cheboi and his spouse Dr Emmy Chesire, CS Simon Chelugui, Senator William Cheptumo, Baringo Women Representative Jematiah Sergon, Samburu Women Representative Pauline Lenguris, Elgeyo Marakwet Women Representative Caroline Jeptoo, MP Kamket Kassait, MP Maison Leshoomo, MP Caroline Ngelechei and MP Charles Kamuren.

The Faith in Action Week comes to a close today with the launch of projects supported by MaMa Doing Good in the region.