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Mama Rachael Ruto urges Kenyans to embrace peace and reconciliation

First Lady Rachael Ruto has urged Kenyans to embrace peace and reconciliation.

She stressed the need for Kenyans to live in harmony with each other and their neighbours for prosperity.

The First Lady said the country will achieve more in terms of development if it remains united.

Mrs Ruto was addressing worshippers at Nyayo National Stadium during the launch of the Heavens Fire Prayer Summit 2023.

Ms Ruto stressed the importance of praying for Kenya and all other nations of the world.

“It is clear that if we pray for the nation, God will answer our prayers. Our problems will also be solved,” she said.

“Let us contend with the prophesy given to us so that God continues doing good to this nation and the world as a whole,”she added.

She commended the organisers for a successful event that brought together guests from over ten nations.

“Take time to see our wildlife and the beauty that Kenya has to offer. You will have a story to tell when you return home,” she said.

Mama Rachel Ruto said the country was digitising most of its services to ensure quick access to essential services, including the issuance of visas.

” Besides praying for Kenya, we have a responsibility to pray for other countries. The summit we are having is a convergence of many nations,” said Apostle Julius Suubi.

Prophetess Dr Cindy Jacobs said Kenya has risen to a prayer sanctuary nation due to its strong religious belief.

Apostle Dr Martin Ssuna said Kenya will be a model nation with many developments.

He said President Ruto’s declaration that he will not tolerate corruption will spur immense growth.

“He is ready to fight corruption and thieves. Let’s pray for him to have wisdom, courage and protection,” he said.

He also prayed for the judiciary to be firm and resolute in fighting all forms of evil that are holding the country back.

The Heaven’s Fire Prayer Summit is an annual gathering of God’s army started in 2003 by the Vision Bearer, Apostle Julius Suubi, under the Highway of Holiness Ministries International.

The summit, which ends on 6th August, is designed to train, equip and empower the church and leaders for prayer and intercession for the nations.

Among the guest ministers were: Prophetess Cindy Jacobs (USA), Prophetess Francina Norman (USA), Pastor Robert Kayanja (Uganda), Apostle John William Kimani (Kenya), Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a (Kenya), and Apostle Julius Suubi (Kenya) as host, among others.