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Mama Rachel Ruto calls for innovative marketing and utilisation of Kenya’s cultural heritage

The First Lady of Kenya, Mama Rachel Ruto, has emphasised the need for innovative marketing strategies to promote Kenya’s rich cultural heritage while protecting its intellectual property rights.

Speaking at the Utamaduni Day celebrations at the Bomas of Kenya, she called for the creation of globally recognisable products that showcase Kenya’s diverse heritage.

She emphasised the need for innovative approaches to marketing Kenyan culture while stressing the importance of creating products that not only celebrate the country’s heritage but also protect its intellectual property rights.

“On a global scale, culture has become an integral part of any nation’s foreign policy, serving as a means of promoting tourism and attracting investment. Consider the variety of international cuisines available in our restaurants, the impact of Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, and the reach and influence of global culture through technology and media,” said Mama Rachel Ruto.

“We need to continuously come up with novel ways to market our own culture while preserving and protecting its intellectual property. How can we create globally recognisable products, that showcase our heritage?” she added.

Each region in Kenya has its own unique cultural norms, including traditional dress, distinct cuisines and a variety of languages. These cultural elements contribute to the vibrant mosaic of the nation and foster a shared identity among Kenyans.

Cultural initiatives, Mama Rachel Ruto said, serve as a way to promote tourism and attract investment, in line with the government’s Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).

“Let us take the initiative to explore different Counties, immerse ourselves in their unique cultures, and contribute to the growth of domestic tourism in our great and beautiful Country,” the First Lady said. 

First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto’s speech at the Bomas of Kenya

The event was attended by several leaders including the Head of Public Service Felix Koskei, Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management Moses Kuria, Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of EAC, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands Peninah Malonza, Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura and Principal Secretary for Culture and Heritage Ummi Bashir.

The celebrations underscored the nation’s commitment to celebrating its diverse heritage, embracing unity and paving the way for innovative approaches to showcase Kenya’s cultural wealth on the global stage.