Mama Rachel Ruto adopts 200 hectares of Kakamega forest for restoration

The First Lady of Kenya, Mama Rachel Ruto, has adopted 200 hectares in Kakamega forest for restoration. 

Mama Rachel Ruto made the announcement in November 2022 and reaffirmed her commitment today as the world marks the International Day of Forests, celebrated under the theme “Forests and Health.”

“The day (International Day of Forests) is a reminder of the undeniable correlation between nature and health: the healthier our surroundings are, the merrier our wellbeing. Knowing this, we should make deliberate efforts to grow and protect our forest cover through sustainable forest practices. 

As part of the Office of the First Lady’s commitment to grow 500 million trees by 2032, I have adopted 200 hectares of Kakamega forest for restoration,” Mama Rachel Ruto said.

The commitment to grow 500 million trees by Mama Doing Good Organisation supports the Government’s National Tree Growing Restoration Campaign that seeks to plant and grow 15 billion trees by 2032.

“I am excited to work with individuals and groups with similar goals: to plant trees, reduce carbon footprints, and support policies that encourage sustainable forest management. Greens are what we need to have a healthy and happy life,” Mama Rachel Ruto added. 

Last week, Her Excellency Mama Rachel Ruto urged First Spouses of the county governments to adopt forests in their respective counties to help increase forest cover across the country.