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Mama Doing Good CEO calls for Green Growth and Climate Finance in Africa

The Chief Executive Officer of Mama Doing Good, Dr. John Chumo, has called for green growth and climate finance solutions for Africa at the ACS 2023 Pre-Summit event on Sunday.

The event, held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, provided a platform to address pressing issues related to climate action and sustainable development.

“Mobilising sustainable finance and partnerships for cities in Africa is critical. It can support the development of green infrastructure and renewable energy, address climate change and reduce carbon emissions, while strengthening urban resilience and improving the quality of life for Africans,” said DR John Chumo.

“It can also attract investment, create jobs and stimulate economic growth, ultimately contributing to the overall sustainable development of African cities. sustainable development of African cities and help us build the Africa we want,” Dr Chumo added.

Dr. Chumo, who represented the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Mama Rachel Ruto, in his capacity as CEO of Mama Doing Good, emphasised the organisation’s commitment to catalysing socio-economic transformation in communities through spirituality, collective agency, voice, and influence.

At the heart of his address was the need to create safer, inclusive, and sustainable cities with a strong emphasis on people. Dr. Chumo highlighted the vulnerability of women, the elderly, and children when these priorities are not met, underlining the importance of involving them in the formulation of policies and interventions.

“We cannot afford to leave them behind,” he declared, “They need to participate right from the formulation stage of policies and interventions.”

Dr. Chumo stressed MaMa Doing Good’s commitment to empowering women, youth, and children, citing the Joyful Women program’s success in assisting over 14,000 women groups, benefiting over 170,000 women.

Highlighting the urgency of the discussion on mobilising climate, carbon, and sustainable finance to build green and resilient cities in Africa, Dr. Chumo underscored the importance of climate action in attracting investments and driving development on the continent.

“Mobilising sustainable finance and partnerships for cities in Africa is crucial,” he explained. “It can support green infrastructure development, enhance urban resilience, improve the quality of life, create jobs, and foster economic growth.”

The ACS 2023 Pre-Summit event provided a significant platform for stakeholders to discuss and strategise green growth and climate finance solutions for Africa, setting the stage for a more sustainable and inclusive future for the continent.