Mama Rachel Ruto urges Narok leaders to unite, support President Ruto’s development agenda

The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Mama Rachel Ruto, has called on Narok County leaders to unite and support the President and Narok County development plans.

Speaking during the Narok County Leaders Breakfast at Ole Ntimama Stadium, Mama Rachel Ruto emphasised the importance of unity and cooperation among leaders to achieve sustainable progress for the people of Narok County.

Highlighting Narok County’s significant contributions to the nation, Mama Rachel Ruto mentioned the renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve, often referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, and the rich Maa culture, which represents the country’s national heritage.

The First Lady urged the leaders to rally behind the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda and to support Governor Patrick Ole Ntutu in realising Narok County’s development plans. She emphasised that the success of Narok County depends on the collective efforts, cooperation and active participation of all leaders.

Among the dignitaries present at the event were Governor Patrick Ntutu, Deputy Governor Martin Mohisho of Kajiado County, Vice Chancellor Prof Peninah Aloo-OObudho of Maasai Mara University and Narok North MP Agnes Pareiyo. Together they expressed their commitment to work together for the betterment of Narok County and its people.

“They say if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together,” Mama Rachel Ruto concluded, emphasising the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving long-term progress and development.